Tripod Tower aka Mystery Pyramid

Bob’s brother has been working on a huge tower for the camp

August 9, 2012.  After months of drawings, force diagrams, trigonometry, and a tremendous amount of adivce -After weeks of welding, cutting, and cussing-After days of building and connecting-and way to much explaining-  the following happened last night at 8:33 pm PST: 

Following 30 minutes of heavy lifting and propping up to get the pyramid up to the magical 30 degree mark the scene was set.  10 brave beer swiling psuedo-engineers judiciously backed away trying to avoid a potential trip to the emergency room.  The F 350 moved forward with a bump and a noise you can only hear from an American made vehicle.  The 5/8 inch cable that was recently acquired from a logging truck that really did appear abandoned tightened to the stiffness of a piano wire.  The pyramid lurched upward.  The braces dropped off like the struts off the Saturn 5 lifting from Cape Canaveral.  For a few precious seconds the structure rose like a phoenix.  After passing its tipping point the hardy builders grabbed the rope from the other side and slowly lowered the third leg on to the ground, landing with a softness that JPL can only dream about.  The neighbors and onlookers turned away disappointed, not getting to witness the carnage they so obviously anticipated.

The pyramid is up.

Who’s got decorating ideas?


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