This is the homepage of Hardly Davidson Cafe, a Burning Man theme camp.

Fuser’s Vision Statement

The HDC exists in an alternate, parallel universe to this default one.  This alternate universe has a planet like Earth, but hardly the same, and a Neveda state that is kinda like the Nevada we know, but hardly the same.  In this world the civilization is thousands of years more advanced than our own, but culture and style is similar to the American West of the 1880’s.  Deep in the heart of Neveda there is the town of Hardly with its saloon and hotel.  This is an outlaw town on the fringes of society.    Each resident has secrets, but no soul dare inquire.  The people who rule this town are a maurauding gang of misfits riding their triple levitated fusion powered glide cycles that resemble American choppers, but hardly the same.  Our god…………the one supreme power………………………….The All Powerful…All Seeing…THE EYEBALL GOD.   Everything in this world is similar to Earth…but hardly the same.

So, our town of Hardly has an Old West look, but it ain’t no cowboy bar.  Their ain’t no cows n there ain’t no horses on this planet.  The town is a mix of Old West meets Biker Bar meets advanced alien civilization.


Our camp has the following theme elements

We provide art car and bike modification and repair services.  Mostly involving welding.


For the past few years, our playa location has been in the 4:30 portal, at 4:30 and A.


If you are an HDC member, you should be on our Google Groups mailing list.  You can view old postings on Google Groups.

E-mail fuser (or sparkles) at hardlydavidsoncafe dot com.


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